Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage

Commercialisation requires a pool of funding and direct access to potential partners. This is a significant challenge for emerging Australian innovators. Australia is a geographically isolated continent with a small population and a business sector that invests comparatively little in research and development or the commercialisation of novel inventions. Moreover, the biggest markets and the largest pools of investment capital lie overseas in Asia, the Americas and Europe.

The twin tyrannies of distance and capital have created the need for new partnership models. The TMV+ management team has extensive commercial networks in Australia, North America and Europe. Domestically and internationally, TMV+ has a network of well over 3000 corporate executives and business development managers in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, venture capital and angels globally responsible for vetting and investing in new opportunities.

TMV+ takes products and technologies to more than 300 face-to-face meetings in the US, Canada and Europe a level of resource commitment that is simply beyond the scope of most of our clients. We continue to broaden and capitalise on our networks that provide leverage, critical mass and economies of scale to our technology and product providers. Importantly, TMV+ continues to visit international markets, engaging with industry and potential partners on a quarterly basis where extensive partnering is undertaken.

A few reasons why you should chose TMV+:

  • We manage the Australian Research Network an effective marketing tool and door opener with offices in North America and a European network
  • We are an international business development company with a significant industry contact list
  • We are commercially-focused with the ability to mentor innovation through the development life cycle
  • We deliver value to both sides of the investment equation companies and investors