TMV+'s Early Market Assessment Program (EMAP) is crucial for making “go” or “no-go” decisions regarding the market prospects of new technologies. We have an extensive international network we use to assess your early-stage technologies, allowing you to make decisions on the direction of your R&D. EMAP provides clients with resources and capabilities in support of their commercialisation efforts. In collaboration with technology managers, TMV+ will engage with researchers to enhance the commercial potential of their technology. This early engagement provides insight into technology benefits and potential value while identifying gaps in market knowledge that need to be addressed. This leads to an understanding of pre-market feasibility, a process established through preliminary discussions with targeted national and international companies to determine demand and technical and/or commercial benchmarks required for a potential commercial engagement.


Programs components include:

  • Early technology lifecycle review and scientific assessment
  • Commercial validation
  • IP due diligence, review, packaging and data file preparation
  • Market research
  • Commercial validation of research programs
  • IP budgeting, research direction and licensing potential


At TMV+ we feel that the earlier corporate relationships are formed, the more successful they are. To create substantial commercial value, intellectual property has to be exploited and marketed from a very early stage in its development. The commercialisation of intellectual property needs to be attuned to the needs of a changing market, able to access opportunities quickly and capture the interest and backing of firms able to operate effectively in those markets. We can help you establish partnerships early and close deals.


Our program Partnering & Licensing program involves:

  • Intellectual property packaging and data file preparation
  • Vetted corporate relationships
  • Business partner targeting
  • Technology acquisitions and packagingn
  • Conference representation and technology marketing
  • Deal structuring and negotiation


While commercialisation fundamentally begins with the evaluation of innovation and its ability to meet specific criteria of uniqueness and usefulness within a defined market niche, business development is the key to success. A significant aspect of our history has been the investment in and emphasis on relationship building. Today, TMV+ has well over 3000 business development contacts in the pharmaceutical, biotech and venture capital segments. We provide our clients with the marketing skills, professionalism and time required to generate valuable outcomes. Our coverage enables our client base to have a presence in North America, associates in Europe and manage corporate relationships in local times zones.


TMV+ Founders have a successful track record of product marketing and distribution in the consumer goods market, animal healthcare industry and an in-depth knowledge of manufacturing and distribution at every level of the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Today, through its partners, TMV+ brokers and distributes products globally with a focus on consumer retail, animal health and pharmaceutical product distribution.