Research Groups

Research Groups

TMV+ is supporting innovation at all levels of the technology life cycle. With offices in Australia and North America, we facilitate strategic corporate relationships specific to our clients' needs. We work hand-in-hand with universities, research institutes and technology transfer offices to maximise their return on investment and expand their resource-base.

TMV+'s mission is to become Australia’s most trusted partner in connecting innovation with market opportunities. TMV+ aims to:

  • mentor and guide research programs
  • build and maintain corporate relationships
  • partner and license technologies
  • manage start-ups through early stage development
  • seek and capture funding opportunities

Early Market


Program (EMAP)

Our EMAP process facilitates decision making on research direction and commercial potential. The key to EMAP is our ability to facilitate commercial discussion. We approach significant companies in the field so that our clients receive the direct input and market validation they need to assess their technology.

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Partnering and


Our relationships in the industry give us the opportunity to discuss technology at every level of the investment life cycle. We believe partnering is more successful the earlier corporate relationships are established. Our market knowledge allows us to partner research groups early, align your research program to fit theirs and close deals quickly.

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Our knowledge and experience can guide you through the processes and market pressures of commercialisation. TMV+'s business planning and analysis is based an in-depth understanding of intellectual property, value creation, market development strategies and investment.

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